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VOLIRO provides robotic solutions that can perform contact-based work at height.
Our robots are "hands in the sky".

We are taking drone applications to the next level. Not only "fly and see" but "fly, see and touch" for increased safety and efficiency in assets remote in-depth inspection and monitoring.


360° Drone

Superior wind and disturbance rejection. The drone has 6 Degrees of Freedom force/torque control.


Autonomous Mission

Operation indoor and outdoor. Voliro doesn't rely on GPS. We use cameras and lasers to navigate.


Tether or Battery

Power can be provided over tether for extended missions. When tether is not possible to use, battery can be used for up to 20 minutes of flight time.


3D Mapping & Modeling

Accurate 3D mapping and modeling of assets using LiDAR scanner or Photogrammetry.   

Chimney NDT Inspection

360° Pipes NDT Inspection

Autonomous Aerial Painting System