The Inovative patent-pending design of VOLIRO aerial robots offers independent control of the robot position and orientation while being efficent in all configurations.

Design Advantages

  • Precise motion control of the robot.
  • Reliable contact with surfaces at any orientation with the exertion of a force up to 2 Kg.
  • Superior wind disturbance rejection.


Move more dynamic than a bird. The drone has 6 Degrees of Freedom force/torque control.

Autonomous Flight

Operation indoor and outdoor. Voliro doesn't rely on GPS. We use cameras and lasers to navigate.

Tether or Battery

Power can be provided over tether for extended missions. When tether is not possible to use, battery can be used for up to 20 minutes of flight time.


Line measurement

Scanning using eddy current profometer to locate rebars in the concrete and measure concrete thickness.

Autonomous drone graffiti

  • Precise paint spraying in GPS denied environment
  • Coating of large areas with anti-corrosions
  • Chemicals spraying for surface treatment

First prototype outdoor flight